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Bangaroo Babes - Absolute SCAM site


After being on it for 2 days, I've had 5 'ladies' sms me, all urging me to text them back (and 3 of them saying white guys turn them on, I know no Aussie chicks that would say a stupid line like that). Not wanting to purchase credits, I just tried calling the number, its disconnected... Tried from a different phone, still disconnected. So I went into the technical support live chat, I asked them what the GO was with all the fake profiles, they copied and pasted some user agreement crap that had nothing to do with them using fake profiles, and closed the chat session, not allowing me to open again. Absolute total scam site. Stay away....

Great if you only wanna look at photos of hot chicks

Total crap if you think you might actually hook up with one.

Michael does NOT recommend Bangaroo Babes to friends/family

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