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Bangaroo Babes - This site offers no "hookups" at all


After just one day on this site, I have found that the entire "meet sexy Aussies now" and "hookup with women near" statement on the slogan is a totally false statement. In the TOS, (Terms of service). It leads you to believe that a third party provided "online cuties" (a bot system to make it look full of women) are "seeded" throught the site and are identified by a yellow star and real people with a blue, when in fact I found that more than one blue star "regular member" status profiles are also fictional (I know this because on one they posted a picture of buttocks and called it a " fanny" picture which is an American terminology, not an Australian one!), so in fact after screening over 100 profiles I could not find one actual real profile in my area. I understood that they were selling a product with SOME fantasy to enhance the entertainment experience, but my experience of not getting to "meet sexy Aussies now" at all is as empty as their product disclosure, and Iwas totally dissatisfied by their products innumerable false claims which here in Australia I thought were protected and covered under the ACCC 'misleading claims and advertising' act which includes any exclusions. In fact they are based in a tiny island off the Carribean called Anguilla! I  believed the product is highly misleading and dissapointing. You wouldnt pay for a meal at a restaraunt you werent happy with! I rang the customer support number but it didnt connect! Make sure you read the TOS, especially the disclaimer that says that any product statement or gaurantees they claim on the website basically arent true!, it admits that the site is full of false profiles, and that you will never actually meet anyone as they are fictional and disclaims anything to do with any falsehood or misleading advertising. It goes on to say you cant take anything to court for any falsehood of their product claims, and if you even mention it you have to pay for their lawyers and they authorise all fees and charges and expenses (up to $25,000 if you try and scam them!) are to be taken out of your account automatically unless you go through a complicated cancelation process five days before it is due, all with a tiny "I agree" box that you check when signing up! If only life was that easy! This isnt the only site either, they run affairalert, bbwdesire, blackcrush, curvybbw, flirtbuddies, iheartbreaker, jadaparks, localmilfselfies, lonelywifehookup, milfaholic, mrandmissblack, selfiesbbw, smashyourfiends and ulust, and who knows how many affliates or sub companies they use to prey and scam money from the desperate or unhappy with false offers of hope. Seems they covered a few bases! I certainly learnt my lesson, the biggest one is you need to read a very lengthy and complicated statement that seems very contradictary and blatently says its your fault for anything that might not be in your favour because you agreed to it before you agree to it! My advice, do not sign up for this unless you want to waste all your money talking to someone who you think lives near you but in truth are in a building half way around the world, Message you once but dont reply, andnthen try and sell you tokens to text them through another third party at a cost as well as your carrier fees! Do yourself a favour and try interacting the REAL world!!!

plenty of provocative pictures, but hey, cant you get them anywhere on the net for free?

Open your wallet, throw lots of money away and spend lots of time believing and hoping you can win the lottery without a ticket!

Damien dun does NOT recommend Bangaroo Babes to friends/family

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