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FiftyDating - BE CAREFUL


I have met a couple of nice men on this site I have also been hacked by one male also.

If you like someone let them know.BUT ask them to meet you somewhere mutual for a coffee. If they insist they want to know more about you and get you off line by giving you an email address then asking you a ton more questions BECAREFUL..... the chances are there hackers. A genuine male or female will want to meet for a coffee... the con artists will get you on skype and they will say they can't see you but the whole time they are hacking your computer. REMBEMBER meet for a coffee NEVER give them your address and use a different email address to the one you use for your personal bank accounts and private email.
THE BIG BECAREFUL about this site IS: when you cancel your subsription follow exactly what they request. HIGHLIGHT everything you've done and paste it in a word folder and call it "50 Dating Cancellation" paste what you copied, send a message to 50 dating support telling them you have cancelled your subsciption, and the date and time. Call them and make sure they have received your information, make sure you take customer service persons name note time and date you spoke to them. They will most probably say they have no information stating your request , GET THEM TO DO IT OVER THE PHONE!!! do this all the same day.... I was caught out on this website a couple of years ago, so was the person I met on this site.......... Listen to what I say! if you don't they will deduct money from your account and when your contact them, they will say" they have no record of your request" Stand up for yourself!!!!!!!!!!! if they do not budge tell them you will complete a Stat Dec stating the truth and get it signed by a police officer or Chemist or a JP of any type.......... don't let them think you were wrong.... they never seem to loose information on your second cancellation! BEWARE of THIS COMPANY WHEN IT COMES TO CANCELLING..........

met some nice guys......

BEWARE! there are a lot of narcissists on this site, infact on any site... also lazy slobs....... meet for a coffee somewhere safe with lots of people, your instinct should let you know........... cancelling subscrition with this site is very dodgy!!! read my comments..............

Veronica does recommend FiftyDating to friends/family

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