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Loveaholics - SCAMMING SITES


As per Emily input 25 April 2014.
I never got the 3 day trial as I paid for full membership straight up,in good faith.
It is another "racket",I have tried many sites to try and find a partner.
This one is just pathetic,it's hard enough to dodge the scammers but,when the site is a scam,well,what chance do u have.
Most of the reviews in Australian based web search,have site reviews,the reviews are conducted by the sites,that own them.
e.g-A review of was that it is great,there is a class action in the USA against this fraudulent site
U Tube is a good source of a sites credibility,frankly they are all as a bad as each other.
I have tried for 2.5 Yrs to find someone who is real,spent a great deal of money and I consider myself a "good catch",but I haven't even had a reply from any women whom I would consider a match.
Many scammers ,as usual.


It's another scamming site,not worth involvement with as you get nohere and end up cancelling your credit card to stop the fraud.

PHIL C does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family



I have been a member on several ALCLUDA.COM sites.UPFORIT.COM is one of them,all the sites are full of scammers and the messages ;I received,when answered never got a reply from anyone.I guarantee that the letters are site generated.
The company ALCLUDA.COM is located in Cyprus and ownership of the company is unobtainable,just like,White do this to stop any type of prosecution for the fraud they conduct.
Another trick with ALCLUDA.COM,is the scam that gets you to join sister sites for dating verification.It is a lie,police of any nation do not hand out police records to email applicants, via email or any other means.This scam was prolific on all ALCLUDA.COM sites.



Phil C does NOT recommend UpForIt to friends/family

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