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Lots of people do not have a sports partner. That is one of the main reasons for many people not to take part in sport. Sport42 is the solution. Many members have found their ideal sports partner. A dance partner, walking mate, cycling partner, golf partner or other sport mate. Besides sport is a fun way to meet new people. You get to know each other during a walking or cycling trip. Definitely more fun!
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Reviews about Active Singles

Active Singles

Whether you are seeking others for friendship, romance, or both, you can find them here at Active Singles! You have found your way to a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle, you can now find friends that have a passion for the great outdoors, adventure, sports, and all things active! For some, this means just starting out, for others itís more than a hobby, itís a lifestyle and a passion that commands discipline, time and focus - this means early to bed and early to rise and a strict routine - no staying up late for these people!
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